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Change Management

Targeted Transformation Module (TTM)

In this mentoring session we will guide you through the process of identify, plan and implement a major change, shift or turn-around in your company. We will set a plan with strategy and actions. We will discuss about your contributors - the promoters and detractors of the change, their motivators and fears - and how to deal with each one, showing them a VALUE proposition and making sure the contributors are aligned and working towards the change.  

What companies should attend this workshop:

Companies going or willing to go through major changes, shift or turn-around. CLOUD technology is one of the major change drivers in the market. Some companies want to change their business model to take the most of the CLOUD opportunity including Business Process Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Some companies want to modernize and monetize their software solutions. Some want to rethink their products and services. Some want to reduce costs and redesign their organizational chart. All of these changes involves PEOPLE. The change management workshop is about PEOPLE - getting them to go through the changes you have planned - on a smoother and faster way.

The workshop takes 60 to 90 minutes depending on the discussions

​We recommend the participation of:

  • CEO

  • AWS Alliance Manager

  • Sales and Marketing Managers

In this workshop we will address:

  • Your prework: your vision of the CHANGE

  • Change management fundamentals

  • Change management discussion

  • Homework: action plan

We will hold 2 followup sessions, 30 and 60 days after the workshop, to check on the evolution of your plan, answer questions and see how we can further improve your Change Management.

Prework: your vision of change

The discussions we will have during the business mentoring session are going to be very intense. We DO encourage you to download the PRE-WORK material and spend 45 to 60 minutes thinking about the CHANGE you want your company to go through, and the contributos who will be pro and against the change. 

Download the pre-work material

Workshop material

Post-work: your plan for the future

After the business consulting module you will have to detail the action plan.

You may submit the final version of your action plan to ADVANCE for revision, just to make sure you are applying all the best practices and that you plan will be actionable, measurable and successful.

Download the post-work material

Additional material

Email assistance

You may request, at any time, help and assistance with the pre-work or the post-work.

Our response time goes from 3 to 12 hours depending on the time zone.

Evaluation form

We value your feedback

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