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Strategic Planning

Targeted Transformation Module (TTM)

In this mentoring session we will guide you through the process of creating a long-term vision for your company, and working on the SWOT analysis to generate 12-months strategies and actions. The SWOT analysis is going to be the central piece where we will discuss market opportunities and threats, and your company's strengths and weakness. CLOUD technology is one of the major growth opportunities in the market and the strategic planning will make sure you take the most out of this opportunity.

What companies should attend this workshop:

  • Companies or business units that don't have a formal strategic plan 

  • Companies or business units willing to review their formal strategic plan

  • Companies willing to think and discuss their mainstream strategy

  • Companies willing to structure their ideas into a strategic plan with an action plan

  • Companies willing to turn CLOUD into a revenue growth engine 

The workshop takes 60 to 90 minutes depending on the discussions

​We recommend the participation of:

  • CEO and COO

  • AWS Alliance Manager

  • Sales and Marketing Managers

  • Operations and Services Managers

In this workshop we will address:

  • Your prework: your vision of the future

  • Strategic planning fundamentals

  • SWOT discussion and strategy design

  • Homework: action plan

We will hold 2 followup sessions, 30 and 60 days after the workshop, to check on the evolution of your plan, answer questions and see how we can further improve your strategic planning and execution

Prework: your vision of the future

Workshop material

Post-work: your plan for the future

After the business consulting module you will have to detail the action plan.

You may submit the final version of your action plan to ADVANCE for revision, just to make sure you are applying all the best practices and that you plan will be actionable, measurable and successful.

Download the post-work material 

Additional material

Email assistance

You may request, at any time, help and assistance with the pre-work or the post-work.

Our response time goes from 3 to 12 hours depending on the time zone.

Evaluation form

We value your feedback

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