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ADVANCE Consulting

With over 2,500 customers, 500 consulting projects and 20,000 trained professionals, ADVANCE is a SALES consulting and training company. We are proud to serve companies like AWS, Benner, Cisco, Cogra, Consinco, DELL, DIMEP, Ellevo, Google, IBM, IDTrust, Intelidata, IUGU, Lenovo, Linx, Lumen (CenturyLink), Mega Systems, Neogrid, Neoway, Panasonic, Praxio, Propay, Quality, SalesForce, SAP, Sebrae, Semantix, Senior, Siagri, SkyOne, Softex, Synnex, Techne, Thomson Reuters, Totvs, Vivo, WDG (IBM), WK Systems, Zebra and Zendesk.


Our customers say we are excellent at solving complex situations and increasing sales.


Our goal is to help our customers SELL MORE AND BETTER, so, we focus on 3 business drivers:

  • SALES - Implementing sales processes and training the staff and managers to ensure that all opportunities generated are taken advantage of, increasing direct and indirect sales (channels)

  • MARKETING - Creating successful engines for demand and lead generation, and actions for each phase of the sales funnel, shortening the sales cycle and increasing conversion rates

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING - Developing the company's strategy, to ensure the drivers and the integration between marketing and sales

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